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E Type Rail Tension Clips For Railway

E Type Rail Tension Clips For Railway

The series products we offer include: all kinds of rail clips, gauge plate, all kinds of track spikes, rubber tie plate, Nylon plate, special switch plate, rail joint splint that weights 43 kg, 50 kg, 60 kg and tunnel segment bolt and so on.


Railway parts is the root causes of vibration,supplier of china ,railway clip  in order to overcome the vibration source, reduce the occurrence of rail joint diseases, use of railway fasteners is the best choice.Increases the joint resistance.ensure that the railway transport safety.

Surface: Natural (oil); Black Paint; Color Paint; Zinc; etc.

rail clip

Type E Spring buckle fastening strength, button pressure, strength of security advantages of larger reserves, small residual deformation.The formal national railway are based on the type E rail fasteners, as some local railway lines are less strict rules, because local railway is 50kg enough.

 rail clips

 rail clips

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