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Tie Plate

Product performance: Good resistance to natural aging , cold resistance and heat resistance, and the subway has good vibration and low noise performance with rubber gaskets. Product features: 1. Shock absorber, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, stability, high temperature resistance, high...


Product performance: 

Good resistance to natural aging , cold resistance and heat resistance, and the subway has good vibration and low noise performance with rubber gaskets.

Product features: 

1. Shock absorber, anti-aging, abrasion resistance, stability, high temperature resistance, high elasticity of product and not easy to deform or fracture under various temperatures.

2. Long use cycle, low maintenance and replacement cost.


Rubber gasket is the main raw material of natural rubber, and the iron pad is the main raw material of ductile iron, Q235 and 45# steel.


Henan great track machinery Co. LTD




The vertical pressure of the steel rail can be separated, and the lateral force of the steel rail can be partially assumed. However, due to the high compressive strength of the concrete sleeper, it can not be set. (c) The withholding pressure. There are two types of rigidity and elasticity. The rigid crushing is mainly for the plate type; the elastic hammer has two kinds of shrapnel and rod type. (d) Elastic cushion layer. When the train passes, it will cushion the shock and increase the insulation performance of the concrete sleeper. With rubber gasket, plastic gasket, cork gasket and wood pad, the rubber gasket works best. The use of railway rubber gasket can greatly improve the transport capacity of motor vehicles, reduce the number of road maintenance and avoid the traffic accidents caused by the stall of motor vehicles. It is worth promoting the application in terms of the social benefits of safe economy and environmental protection.


Strong with strength, shockproof performance, good insulation performance, abrasion resistance, low compression deformation, high strength, aging resistance, no slurry, long service life and easy installation.

Company profile:

Henan Great Track Machinery Co.,Ltd. is located in the origin of Chinese civilization and the hometown of Oracle which is a world cultural heritage—Anyang City, Henan Province. It is adjacent to Anyang steel company and Handan steel company that belong to 500 strong  large enterprises in China. There is transportation in all directions, rich in resources, outstanding people, which provide a unique condition for the production and development of enterprises. Our company has always been in line with moral quality, quality product, enterprise root, profession, faith and enterprise spirit of humanistic management theory, and adhere to the implementation of brand strategy, continuous quality improvement and beyond customer expectations of quality policy.Our company focuses on the international market, develops new products continuously, makes efforts to meet the needs of customers and provides customers with first-class products and service.

Product specification:

Our company supplies gb11266-89 series light rail pads and gb184-63, gb187-63 series heavy rail track pads, and can produce various kinds of special iron pads and steel plates according to samples or drawings.

Production process:

Rerepair the annealing equipment, improve the sealing performance of annealing furnace door, and ensure that the furnace temperature meets the technological requirements. After rectification, still perform the original annealing process, to the unqualified casting, heat treatment after metallographic examination, after annealing treatment of the iron plate castings have been found does not exist a lot of plate strip Westergren body. The impact test results show that the fracture quality is not easy to occur. Due to its simple structure, to simplify the process, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, according to characteristics of shape and structure of castings, normalizing process, the specification is as follows: the heating temperature of 850 ℃; Heat preservation time 1h, hot air to room temperature. After the fire process was adopted, the steel plate castings did not break under the same impact. The production cycle is shortened, the production efficiency is improved, and the cost is reduced.

Business scope: 

supply rail fastener system, thread spike, spike, track bolt, tunnel segment bolt, T bolt, fish bolt, nut, nut, washer, gasket, article, gusset plate, shell, fish plate, iron plate, gauge block, rubber plate, plastic plate, steel rail, rail, etc.

Product description: 

rail between rail and sleeper rail is one of the important parts of the rail structure, and it is important to reduce the vibration of the rail system. With the development of overloaded railway transport, axle load increasing, the rail heavy-industrialization gradually at the same time, put forward higher requirements on the performance of the plate, and plate vibration reduction performance is good, impact resistance, long service life.


The director of the institute of railway science and technology visited the company of great railway in Henan

On the morning of August 6th, 2017, client was accompanied by lei Chao, the general manager of the company of great railway machinery co., LTD in Henan province. A team of experts from the academy of railway sciences visited the company.   In the production workshop, laboratory and testing room after the visit, general manager of company first welcomed the arrival of the expert group, and the company was introduced, he said, the company since its establishment, relying on scientific and technological innovation, continuous research, new product development and production of railway works; Passed iso9001-2008 quality management system certification; Existing bullet line automation line 2, Nissan railway fastener more than 20,000 pieces; Gauge panel production line, Nissan 20000, double-click the mould automatic cold heading machine screw spike of Nissan more than 20000, automation line of electrostatic spraying, a casting production line, daily production of iron plate more than 10000, the company of "enhanced fastener", product won the national invention patent, very bullish on the future market demand.

The expert group of Henan great orbit machinery co., LTD., the rapid development of recognition, pointed out that enterprises must be good at market information, the information is converted into business opportunities, rapid implementation, can make the enterprise better and faster development, enterprise attaches great importance to product quality and service at the same time, make the best products, to railway product users at ease, let China railway operation more secure.

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