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What Are The Relevant Characteristics Of Metro Rail Fastener?
Dec 11, 2017

Due to high-speed railway train running speed is high, in addition to the requirements of metro rail fastener elastic parts with sufficient pressure, equivalent elastic range, and the ability to keep track of strong, also must have the following features.

Less maintenance of the fastener.Once the high-speed railway is opened, rail maintenance can only be carried out within a very short lockout because of the high speed and density.This requires that the components have sufficient strength and durability.The fastener has good noise reduction and vibration damping performance.With the acceleration of train speed, the orbital dynamic effect is increased sharply. Therefore, it is required that the metro rail fastener has good noise reduction and vibration damping performance, which is to require the fastening of the fastener to adopt a more elastic cushioning pad.In order to ensure the absolute safety of high-speed railway driving, and the requirement of good insulation performance, there should be sufficient impedance between the two rail rails to ensure the normal operation of the rail circuit.

High speed railway after shortages due to the use of large-scale machinery without pad plate work requirements, and without bolt type of article Ⅲ type fastener parts, loading and unloading of convenient, from a long-term point of view, can greatly reduce maintenance costs.It is necessary to choose plastic bushing to replace sulfur anchorage to meet the requirement of ballast-rail.And the structure of the article play Ⅱ type fasteners, bolts, plastic casing of the bending and into the dirt is not good to solve the water;Other precautions should be taken to prevent corrosion of bolts.While playing a Ⅲ type fastener does not exist the problem.Suggestions under the rail plate chooses 60210217 type rubber plate, the scope of its static stiffness value is 55 ~ 80 kn Π mm.Satisfactory results can be obtained.