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Understand The Rail Track Spike
Nov 07, 2017

Rail track spike, railway with spike and spike, spike, highway, mine spike for short.

Rail track spike: points railway with spike and spike.

We say the Rail track spike is mainly refers to the road with a spike.

Also known as protuberant road signs.

Is a kind of traffic safety facilities.

Main installed in the middle of the road of marking or double yellow line, through the back reflection performance to remind the driver by the lane.

The specifications of the spike is commonly 100 mm * 100 mm * 20 mm, height is highest do not exceed 25 mm.

There are many types of reflector, reflectors, reflective beads, led luminous, reflective film, etc.

The installation typically USES epoxy resin spike.

Rail track spike has a lot of classification, according to the material can be divided into:

A, cast aluminum spike;

Second, the plastic spike;

Third, ceramic spike;

Four, glass ball spike;

Five, reflective spike (43 points and 21 beads and bead, can be incorporated into the aluminum and plastic spike)

Six, mining spike;

According to the function can be divided into:

A, ordinary spike;

Second, the solar energy spike,

Three, tunnel cable spike;

Fourth, wireless spike.

According to the number of reflective surface can be divided into:

One-sided Rail track spike.

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