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Turnout Type Selection
Sep 23, 2017

Turnout is a common railway accessories, different circuit design should use a different turnout modela, the following we come to understand what the line should correspond to which turnout model.

1. High-speed positive line and the hair line to connect a single turnout should be used to allow the lateral speed of 80KM / H 18 high-speed turnout.

2. To the hairline and the hairline connection should be used to allow lateral through the speed of 80KM / H 18 single turnout. All or most of the train are parking the individual stations and change, the expansion of large stations under special conditions, can be used on the 12th turnout.

3. Station throat area two line line crossing line with the allowable through the speed of 80KM / H high-speed turnout. Expansion of large-scale station can be used under the conditions of the No. 12 turnout.

4. The connecting line and the high-speed main line turnout shall be determined according to the maximum passing speed of the train, using the high speed turnout with the lateral allowable passing speed of 160KM / H or the lateral permitting speed of 220KM / H.

5. Motor car, maintenance and maintenance of trains and other routes in the hairline connection should be used not less than 12 turnout.

6. In the car section within the arrival of the parking lot to reach (departure) side of the turnout, should use No. 12 turnout, difficult conditions can be used on the 9th turnout; other with No. 9 turnout.