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Three Major Causes Of Bolt Fracture In High - Speed Railway, Heavy Rail, Subway And Light Rail Track Fastener
Sep 18, 2017

With the rapid development of China's high-speed rail, heavy rail, subway and light rail, it has provided a lot of fasteners for different regions and countries at home and abroad. Fasteners This industry, as the basic industry of industrial production, supports the prosperity of our country and the world economy. High-speed rail fasteners bolts fasteners bolts, heavy rails fasteners fasteners bolts, subway rail fasteners fasteners bolts, light rail fasteners fasteners bolts, are used to connect the rail track Important parts, if the problem is tight, it will affect the normal operation of the railway system, so the quality of fasteners on the railway track is essential. 

High-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail and other railway maintenance personnel in the course of work, will find sometimes fastener bolt fracture phenomenon, ordinary people do not know why this is so. The following Kunshan Ailixi Railway Accessories Co., Ltd., for everyone to explain the high-strength high-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail bolts and other fasteners broken common causes.

1, the staff is not professional. When the assembly torque is too tight, the force is not uniform. Many people think that the bolt is getting better and better, but if the torque is much, it exceeds the yield limit of the bolt material, so that the connecting rod bolt appears to yield deformation, so that under the action of the impact load due to excessive elongation and fracture. High-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail fasteners fasteners bolts installed personnel, must be tightened by standard rod bolts, do not think that the more tight, the greater the better strength.

2, work fatigue or impact fracture. High-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail fasteners fasteners bolts, every day at work by the high-speed train to bring a variety of vibration, shock, over time, will reach the ultimate fatigue fracture. In the work, by the axial force of the fasteners, the thread was broken, the bolt was pulled off. The fastener, acting on the radial force, is cut and the bolt hole is marked as an oval. These are some common break situations.

3, orbital fastener material problems, or have processing defects and heat treatment process problems, which will lead to high-speed rail, heavy rail, subway, light rail fastener bolt break. To avoid such a problem, it is best and high-quality services to the railway parts company to cooperate, reduce the defective rate, or do carefully before use.