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The Railway Has Planted Wings For The Development Of Ethnic Areas
Sep 29, 2017

Premier wen jiabao's government work report this morning put forward the "priority support for the accelerated development of frontier ethnic areas", which aroused the heated discussion among members of the minority nationalities.

Almost everyone's speech begins with the "economic development of the ethnic regions".

"If you want to be rich, build the road first, and the railway first."

When talking about the construction of the yiwan railway, hubei provincial party committee member of the standing committee, the ministry of war, tujia member su xiaoyun excitedly told reporters.

The yiwan railway runs through the miao autonomous prefecture of enshi, hubei province.

The construction of the railway was a great event in the lives of people of all ethnic groups who had never seen a train before.

Cao yi, the state's deputy governor and tujia member, called the railway "a century-old dream for the people of enshi".

"Enshi is rich in mineral resources, tourism resources and ethnic cultural resources. The biggest constraint on development in the past is transportation," he said.

After the railway should million will greatly boost the economic development of ethnic areas, and promote the enshi links with the central and eastern regions, and further enhance national unity, has the extremely high economic and political significance, so to speak."

Not only is it a boon, but many members of the ethnic minority group think transport is the biggest obstacle when it comes to the obstacles to local economic development.

It is because of the heavy traffic that has been so hard to get through, that the Tibetan commissioners have shown such enthusiasm for the railway.

The deputy mayor of Lhasa and the Tibetan member of the Tibetan People's Republic of China have described the qinghai-tibet railway as the economic line and lifeline of the Tibetan people.

The opening of the qinghai-tibet railway, he said, led to the rapid growth of tourism in Tibet, and the number of people travelling to Tibet in the year was "blowout".

Tourism, for example, accounts for about 30 per cent of gross domestic product.

Railway, meanwhile, give full play to the advantages of large capacity, low cost, bring mainland goods into Tibet, enrich the market, people of all ethnic groups in Tibet and the Tibetan rich resources to the mainland, truly realized the natural advantages into economic advantages.

At the end of the interview, members of the naga have also made an advertisement for the experience of using their own railway trains.

"The train ride on the qinghai-tibet railway is very comfortable and the scenery is all the way," he said.

Welcome to Tibet by train."