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The China Railway 15 Bureau Uses Multiple Measures To Ensure Safe Driving
Aug 30, 2017

Recently, the frequent rain, fog, ordos area weather, China railway construction bureau of China railway 15 rail carriers new moon god railway transport department to package god area prone to safety in the operation of the electric locomotive section, organization study and formulate card control plan ahead of time, requiring bag heavily used daily study the corresponding countermeasures to convey to each of the crew, to ensure that bad weather the locomotive running safety.

New moon god railway transport department related department office and package management system.its god through enhancing the inclement weather, the measures for the abnormal traffic, locomotive added by guidance, video analysis methods such as steering attendant attaches great importance to the bad weather the seriousness of the locomotive running security seriously, and ask the conductor when there is fog had run on the lookout, must strengthen acknowledgments, driving business in accordance with the provisions, to prevent improper driver's operation caused the accident.In case of abnormal driving, the flight attendants should increase the number of honking, especially in the case of the bend, bridge, etc., strictly implement the "nine honk" system.When it is found that it may endanger the safety of driving and personal safety, take urgent parking measures.

New moon god railway transportation package man team to implement the bad weather ahead of the emergency plan when the top priority, safe running of the abnormal case study as a top priority, cengcengbaguan, pay close attention to weather changes, at the time of the flight attendants attendance important under adverse weather such as fog, heavy rain the abnormal traffic way, strengthen the locomotive sanding device, the roof line stocks with high voltage equipment, locomotives lights, wiper and honking devices for key parts such as inspection, strict enforcement of "double check" to check, ensure good quality of locomotive outbound, effectively eliminate the unsafe behavior, improve the ability of the crew under bad weather driving emergency disposal, ensure the fog had locomotive running and operation safety.