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Technical Requirements For Screw Spike
Aug 07, 2017

(1) The material of the screw spike is q235-a steel, the technical requirement should conform to the GB700 stipulation.

(2) screw spike Upper thread is M24, the basic size should conform to the GB196 stipulation, the thread tolerance presses the GB197 the stipulation 8g manufacture.

(3) The lower whorl of screw spike is special M25.6x6-d24.0/25.6 thread, tooth height of 3.25-00.25mm.

(4) Screw spike ends are manufactured according to GB2 regulations.

(5) A forged burst crack on the surface of a spiral spike is not allowed to extend to the rod body.

(6) screw spike The upper thread is not allowed to interfere with the screw thread gauge free precession of the bumps and burrs, do not allow the impact of the use of the double teeth, scratches, and incomplete wire buckles.

(7) Screw spike in the lower thread should be neat teeth, wire buckle intact, not allowed to split traces.

(8) The surface of the screw spike is not allowed to affect the use of dents, burrs, flying edges, burns and oxide skins.

(9) The spiral spike should carry on the physical tensile test, when the load is 130kN, the spiral spike must not pull off.