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Railway Turnout Structure
Aug 07, 2017

Railway turnout mainly consists of the following parts:

(1) The part of the switch. The switch part mainly by the switch, the sharp rail, and so on, it is used to control the transfer of vehicles to a certain direction of the railway turnout guiding mechanism.

(2) Connection section. The connection part mainly consists of the basic axle, the switch track (guide rail) and so on, it is the connection track between the switch part and the frog.

(3) part of the frog. Frog part mainly by the frog and the guard rail, the frog is two rails cross the intersection of the turnout equipment, in order to make the wheel through the intersection of the rail, the wheel rail installed in the frog two pairs of the basic track side, the purpose is to ensure that the vehicle smoothly through the rut.

(4) Other parts: the other parts mainly by the switch parts of the connection fastener, rail plate, sliding board and sleeper, etc. composition.