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Railway Fittings Have Been Developing Rapidly For Several Years
Aug 07, 2017

Railway accessories are part of the railway line, where the track is comprised of many components, as a monolithic engineering structure, track laying on the roadbed, playing the guiding role of train operation, directly withstanding the huge pressure of locomotive and vehicle and its load, under the dynamic action of train operation, its components must have sufficient strength and stability to ensure that trains operate safely, smoothly and uninterruptedly in accordance with the stipulated maximum speed, and in the annual Railway vehicle procurement, In addition to the new mileage to bring new vehicle demand, but also contains a large proportion of the vehicle replacement needs.

Railway accessories have been developing rapidly for several years, and in the background of the speed-up and overloading of railway parts, in order to achieve hundreds of km/h or more than dozens of tons of heavy load targets, must be equipped to meet high-speed overload needs, safe and reliable and high-quality railway accessories, which will directly speed up the technical content of the vehicle parts demand, a new generation of products and technology will have a very large space for development.

Since the launch of the railway Leap-forward development program eight years ago, China's railway construction investment has seen a substantial increase, seven years ago, the railway infrastructure investment and investment in the purchase of locomotive vehicles than five years before the doubling of the growth, to six years, the year before last, the national railway fixed assets investment reached two more than 100 billion yuan.