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Railway Crossing Protection
Sep 27, 2017

In the railway lines and roads (roads, urban and rural roads) crossing the crossing, in order to prevent the railway vehicles and road vehicles and pedestrians and other collisions to take security measures.

Outline of the early railroad and road crossing only a simple warning sign and crossing sign, or in the busy crossing with a watchman, the use of mechanical barriers or doors for protection. With the increase in the number of railway and road vehicles and the increase of speed, the protection of railway crossing is also developing and improving. The 20th century, 20 years, began in the railway crossing set by the track contactor or track circuit control automatic alarm. 50 years began to appear unattended crossing automatic signal and automatic column wood equipment. 60 years have developed a continuous speed timer alarm automatic crossing signal, semi-automatic column wood, fully automated crossing protection equipment. At present, a variety of remote control columns and automatic signals, as well as obstacle automatic detection devices and fault monitoring devices are widely used in railway crossing protection.

Railway crossing protection is of great significance to improve the capacity of railway and road and ensure traffic safety. After the addition of protective equipment in the crossing, although the motor vehicle continues to increase, but the traffic accident will be a significant decline.

Control of the railway crossing set the column wood or gate, and audio or flash signal equipment, according to its control, can be divided into manual control and automatic control of two categories.

Artificial control is the road crossing the door or the door by the manual manipulation. Manual control is divided into two kinds of local control and electric remote control. ① local control: the guards received a telephone notice or train close to the automatic notice after the closure of the column wood, at the same time with the siren and flash crossing signal to the road vehicles and pedestrians alarm; train immediately after the opening of the column wood. ② electric remote control: by the nearby station or signal building on duty remote control electric column wood, and through the set of monitors to monitor the mouth of the column state. As a result of the use of electric column wood, a few adjacent crossing can be controlled by a unified.

Automatic control mode is through the crossing automatic signal and automatic column wood to complete the crossing protection. Close to the crossing of the train through the track circuit or other sensors will be close to the timely transmission of information to the crossing, crossing signal machine and the sound device automatically issued flash and sound signals, column wood automatically fall.

The crossing signal display mode is mainly based on the cross-crossing of the railway traffic and road traffic volume of the comprehensive indicators, combined with crossing expectations and other conditions to determine. Using two alternately flashing red lights, as a road to prohibit the passage of traffic signals. The highway can be in the crossing of 500 meters away from the appropriate location for the road to set the yellow signal, when the crossing signal flush red light, it flashes yellow light, in order to attract attention. With automatic column wood automatic crossing, the train close to the crossing signal and sound device first issued an alarm, and then column wood fall, until the train all out of the crossing, automatic column wood to open. Automatic column wood half-column wood and the whole column of wood two: half of the wooden block crossing the mouth of the import side, the export side of the column without wood, allowing the car, people safe to leave; the whole column will be crossing the crossing, but need to set up Guardian guard, to avoid the car, people can not withdraw from the railway in time. Busy crossing on the railway line next to the crossing 50 meters above the location of the interruption of the signal machine, usually off the lights, crossing the obstacles need to protect the use of artificial or automatic detection device, so that the signal display a red light stop signal. When there is no obstacle in the crossing, the receiver receives the infrared light from the light emitter and converts the light energy into electrical energy, so that the inspection relay sucks up. When the obstacle stops the light, the receiver output changes, check the relay drop, Signal machine.