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Railway Construction Has Moved Into High-end Rail Transit Equipment
Aug 30, 2017

Recently, from the railway construction heavy industry news, the group is changsha rail transportation equipment manufacturing base, the second industrial park construction used in the production of new type low speed maglev train and maglev rail equipment, at the same time, the 2.5 km of maglev test facilities are also in the planning.After the completion of the base, will become the third maglev train line and 1 maglev rail line, at the same time for two to three in the low-speed maglev rail transit lines provide vehicles, rail and supply ability section of track.

As early as in 2015, the company responsible for the domestic first with independent intellectual property rights of low-speed maglev line - changsha maglev fast line in all 7 group of rail development task, had mastered the maglev rail production, assembly, installation, debugging and other technical.At present, the group established the rail transit equipment research and design institute, is developing speed of 120 km/h, 160 km/h and 200 km/h, rail system and maglev rail equipment projects, the development to meet the demand of low speed maglev traffic system in the equipment and the use of technology and products, maintenance, etc.

At the same time, the group's planning and construction of 2.5 km, 160 km/h speed maglev test facilities, in terms of speed and length are more than the total length of 1.5 km, 120 km/h speed both test facilities, after the completion of will become the nation's fastest, the longest line maglev test facilities.The test facilities will be installed digital sensors, make all parameters automatically transmitted to the control room, operating mode, switch, such as slope can realize automatic adjustment, to meet the test of all kinds of maglev train model, will be the highest level of domestic intelligent maglev test facilities.It is understood that in urban rail transit, the cost of the subway is about 5-800 million yuan/km, while the average cost of medium and low speed maglev system is about 1.5 to 250 million yuan per kilometer, compared with the obvious price advantage.

Moreover, the medium and low speed maglev transportation has the advantages of small curve radius, strong climbing ability and small noise pollution. It is suitable for building in dense area of urban buildings.