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Raile Track Spike Installation Problem
Nov 07, 2017

As the Raile track spike in the wide application of domestic high grade highway and municipal road, the quality problem of the spike and life got more attention.

And in the process of practical application, often due to installation problems caused by the phenomenon of spike damage and reduce the service life is often happen.

The author based on years of construction experience summed up the spike installation process often appear problem, and put forward the reasonable installation methods, hope and colleagues discuss transportation industry.

The following is the common problems in the process of spike installation:

1. Install on the line.

Marking is also a kind of resin material, itself is attached to the ground, its itself with the ground there is a limit to the relay.

If the spike is installed on the line, then the impact of the spike is completely passed on to the line, so the spike is easy to impact, but also dropped the line also sticky.

2. The cat's installation position is not smooth.

This is a direct result, spike stress non-uniform, spike stress concentrated almost all under convex and concave part.

If there are any big tonnage vehicles, spike is easy to break.

3. The cat's installation position is not clean.

Degree of strong spike depends on spike, glue and ground together.

If the installation position is not clean, most of the intervening dust adsorption glue stick relay, lead to spike glue rickety, from external shocks, it is easy to fall off.

4. Glue dosage of dosage is not enough or too much.

Dosage is not enough, will reduce the strong degree of spike adhesive, reduce its service life;

Consumption is overmuch, excess glue will seeping from spike around, it is easy to wipe to spike reflectors, affect the brightness.

5. Glue daub is uneven.

Installing a spike, glue is not only to dosage moderation, even daub evenly, so as to guarantee the spike to receive strength evenly in each part, avoid because of the uneven appeared to be crushed.

6. Epoxy resin glue when allocating the environment temperature is not enough.

Epoxy resin glue is a two-component glue, glue and curing agent according to certain proportion ratio, and to play up the efficacy after even mixing.

But as a result of the epoxy resin glue was more condensation in winter cold weather, it's not easy to mix, so must be heated, the first when use glue to soften before using.

7. Put the spike method is not scientific.

Balance spike must hold no reflectors on the both sides, in order to avoid the glue on the reflectors that affect reflectors of brightness.

8. Raile track spike mounting holes a shallow hole, a fine.

This is mainly for casting aluminium foot spike.

Cast aluminum with feet spike due to some of its deep into the ground and have better shock resistance, compressive performance, service life is longer.

But in the process of installation, if the hole is too shallow or carefully, then spike bottom can't and good contact with the ground, affect the bonding firmly.

9. After the installation of glue curing time is not enough.

Spike after installation, curing glue need a period of time, closely linked to the spike and ground, this paragraph of time the author recommend is four hours.

But the actual process, a lot of people in less than two hours after installation to install isolation facilities to remove;

In this case, if the vehicle impact and rolling, spike light person will deformation, the person that weigh will fall off.