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Rail Track Spike Other Types
Nov 07, 2017

Solar Rail track spike (according to the ministry of communications requirements: solar spike compressive strength is greater than 100 kn)

Solar Rail track spike is solar panels charge components, battery or capacitor as the energy storage components, using led light or combination of passive light spike products.

Its visual effect is better than the conventional spike.

According to the different energy storage element can be divided into: solar spike (battery), solar spike (capacitance).

Because of the different led color and voltage, can be divided into two categories:

A, red, yellow;

Second, white, blue, green, etc.

Tunnel active spike is a kind of more advanced than solar spike a traffic safety facilities, it through the solar panels or alternating current (ac) as the input source, after a spike controller centralized control, blinking or long bright at the same time.

Effect is more obvious than solar energy spike.

There is a wire connection between each spike.

Usually each group controller can control the diameter of 1000 metres.

Intelligent wireless spike

Wireless signal sent by the controller, the signal emitted as a spike of received signal according to the work, no wire connection between spike, construction is convenient.

The sending and receiving wireless signal interference is a difficulty.

Spike technology is also in constant development, also more and more mature, there will be more species in the future.