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Performance Characteristics Of Rail Fasteners
Aug 07, 2017

1. Sufficient strength and durability

The rail transit operation time is long, the traveling density is high, the maintenance condition is poor, requires the rail fastener to have the sufficient strength and the durability, in order to insure the driving safety.

2. Has certain gauge and the horizontal adjustment performance

The rail transportation adopts the whole bed structure, the line curve radius is small, the rail has abrasion.

3. Good insulation performance

Rail transit generally use the walking track as the return rail, which requires that the fastener must have good insulation performance to prevent the leakage of current through the fastener, resulting in structural steel and municipal pipelines of electrical corrosion.

4. Good damping elasticity

Subway and other urban rail transit through residential areas, to reduce vibration and noise reduction of environmental protection requirements are very high, rail fasteners must have good damping performance, attenuation of the vibration of the track, reduce the noise transmission.

5. There is a certain general interchangeability

Fastener structure should be simple, small parts, with a certain general interchangeability, low cost, construction and maintenance convenience.