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For A Three Countries To Kill Card Two Children Steal 18 Rail Bolts
Sep 12, 2017

Want to buy a pair of 20 yuan "Three countries to kill" card, two child in the parents there did not want to money, they came up with the idea of selling scrap iron, stealing 18 rail screws, dangerous railway safety accident.

Hubei Shiyan Dongyue Public Security Bureau Dongan police station on duty police received the jurisdiction of the Dongfeng Railway Department of the security administrator reported that the management of a section of the railway is being used to demolish the 18 rail bolts, fortunately found in time, did not lead to vicious ACCIDENT.

After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene, picked up the scene around the surveillance video, after careful identification, found in the evening of July 20, there are two suspicious boys around the scene appear. The first time the two appeared in the surveillance video, the hands of holding a red bag, and so on, the hands of the bag was gone, vaguely see the hands holding a hammer and wrench.

From the monitoring screen point of view, the two boys are 12, 13-year-old look, the police suspected to be near the summer vacation children, then the two screenshots printed in the surrounding visit investigation. In the door-to-door visit more than 30 people, the district a little girl told the police, she looked at the two brothers are familiar, may be the district. Police then in the district focus on visits, happened to come downstairs to go to the tutorial classes one of the "bear child" Meng Meng (a pseudonym, male, 13 years old).

See and screenshots are very similar Meng Meng, the police will be asked to ask the patient, Meng Meng recognized the bolt on the rail is their own and small partner cattle (a pseudonym, male, 12 years old) together with the demolition. Originally, Meng Meng in the holidays in the "Three Kingdoms" card game, would like to spend 20 yuan to buy a pair of small partners and play together, but was the parents refused. Meng Meng will find the cattle, to discuss where to get some money to buy cards. Two children discuss for a long time, decided to remove a few screws from the nearby rail to sell scrap iron. The next day, Meng Meng and cattle together from the home with a hammer and wrench to a nearby railway, remove the fixed rail bolts a total of 18. When the bolt was loaded into the red silk plastic bag, the bag was broken and the two children could not put the bolt in the nearby mountain and returned home.

As the two children are minors, police contact parents will be two back, and solemnly told parents to steal the fixed rail bolts serious harm to parents to strengthen education to prevent such cases from happening.