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Descriptions Of Concrete Pillow Fastener
May 26, 2018

A joint part on a concrete pillow track for connecting a steel rail to a concrete sleeper.Due to the characteristics of large weight and rigidity, the concrete pillow has high requirements on the performance of fasteners and has strict requirements on the buckle pressure, elasticity, and adjustable property.

Concrete pillow fasteners, according to their structure, can be divided into three types: elastic bar fasteners, plate fasteners and sheeting fasteners (see concrete pillow fasteners).

According to the elasticity of fasteners, they can be divided into rigid fasteners and elastic fasteners.There are two kinds of concrete sleeper with or without retaining shoulder: retaining shoulder fastener and no retaining shoulder fastener.

China's concrete pillow fasteners, in the early stage mainly used the plate - type and shrapnel - type two.Because of the low strength of the arched shrapnel, it is easy to cause residual deformation or even break off, so it is no longer used in Chinese railway.

However, buckler fasteners are easy to loosen in use because of the use of buckler as fasteners, which is not elastic enough and has low buckle pressure.Elastic strip type fastener article using play as burke, using bending deformation and torsional deformation of material, and there exists no problem of cross section of the weakened, structure more reasonable, thus concrete sleeper rail has become the main type of fastener.Article is using the main type of fastener for play Ⅰ type fasteners, with the development of overloading high-speed rail, in recent years has been successfully developed article play Ⅱ Ⅲ type fastener, etc.Among them, the Ⅲ type fastener for without bolt block shoulder fasteners.

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