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Chinese Fasteners Are Distributed By Region
Sep 26, 2017

At present we can put China's fasteners into three grades: low-end, mid-and high-end.

Low-end fasteners mainly to Wenzhou as the representative (now has to give way in Hebei Yongnian area), the product by ton, with sacks, the market sales are very large, the number of employees and the number of manufacturers is the most. They do not speak quality, do not speak the market image, do not consider the brand structure; just consider the cheap, a fresh eat all over the sky. Fasteners in the low-end market gross margin between 10% -30%.

High-end areas are mainly large-scale ancillary business, multinational giants manufacturers, are basically some multinational companies brand suppliers. They are the main service customers are large terminal manufacturers and high-end wholesale, because of their customer's quality, service requirements are very high, the supplier selection threshold is also high, to choose from suppliers or brand products rarely formed a certain The monopoly advantage, resulting in a high profit.

China Fastener Region Distribution Center:

1, Wenzhou: Wenzhou people like to win the price, sacks, the city's lowest price of the lowest. However, with the Wenzhou land prices, materials, manpower and other costs increase, many Wenzhou screw factory boss consciousness changed, the screw quality has improved.

2, Jiaxing Haiyan: sea salt is fasteners large county, the annual output value of more than 10 billion fasteners. They do a lot of work on non-standard screws. Find non-standard, to sea salt. Their price is very cheap. It is worth mentioning that, Jiaxing Jiashan has two very large fastener manufacturers, are Taiwan-funded enterprises; that is, Dongming and Jin billion. Dongming is the continent's largest stainless steel fastener manufacturer; Jin billion is the continent's largest carbon steel fastener manufacturers, is also the only one listed in the mainland fastener business.

3, Hebei Yongnian: Hebei Yongnian is the year of Wenzhou, the main production of carbon steel screws. Fasteners production is very large, a lot of only one of the specifications of the screw, slack when the RBI screw on the stock (because it is overnight, as long as the price is low to worry about no one to); busy when dry farm work. This is actually the achievements of large-scale production, a single amount of specifications are large, associated with heat treatment, electroplating have become the scale of production, thus ensuring the cost of cheap. So, Wenzhou people had to give the bottom of the Yongnian; of course, there are some owners of Wenzhou directly to the factory moved to Yongnian.

With the Yongnian all aspects of the increase in costs, low-end screws in Yongnian also can not maintain too long; later will gradually shift to Vietnam, India and other countries.

4, Dongguan, Guangdong: Guangdong electronics, electrical light industry developed, the demand for screw size specifications, but the amount is very large. So the Guangdong fastener factory output value of billions of dollars, because they are basically a service one or two large customers, if Foxconn, Gree air conditioning, Galanz, etc .; so despite the large output value, but the visibility is not large. At the same time, because the British rule Hong Kong 100 years, Hong Kong enterprises are used in the British standard; and the early reform and opening up, the Pearl River Delta by the Hong Kong-owned enterprises a great impact, so in the Pearl River Delta area of the British screw a lot.

5, Ningbo: Ningbo to do a lot of foreign trade, the overall quality of the screw is good. They are doing in the screw more professional, but also more refined.

6, Jiangsu Xinghua: stainless steel fasteners concentrated, but the grade is relatively low; because there are many stainless steel mills, recycling waste to steel; so some low-end stainless steel materials are produced here in a large number of out. As a result, a large number of 201,667 such non-authentic stainless steel products, but also from here because of low prices in all directions.

7, Suzhou, Jiangsu: mainly to small electronic screws, precision electronic screws, turning parts products are well developed. Mainly because the communications electronics industry in Suzhou is very developed. At the same time, due to the relatively concentrated foreign-funded enterprises in Suzhou, so the quality requirements of fasteners is relatively high, resulting in the Suzhou region of the small screw quality is more secure.

From this picture we can see that if China's fasteners per ton price is the base 1, then Taiwan, South Korea is 2, Japan, Germany is 4, the United States is 8.

This is because the fastener technology innovation and brand and other factors together. At present, China is the world's largest manufacturer of fasteners, fasteners production of the absolute tonnage of the first stable. At the same time, due to the rapid increase in labor costs, forcing the domestic machinery manufacturing industry to upgrade the structure, the quality of fasteners have to break into higher quality. So the world's fastener prices will also gradually let the price of land in Southeast Asia, India and other areas of human resources cheaper.