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Why can't railway fasteners be replaced by rust?
Feb 25, 2018

After a hundred years of development, the railway has been proved by the use of parts and even more than a lifetime.

Back to the problem - there is a zinc plated buckle.

Such as DT type Ⅲ series of don't need oil, even wrong bolt type, tighten all don't need to.


Many sections of the country have been replaced with such elastic fasteners, and the subway is widely used.

The advantage of this kind of fastener is that do not need to do the work such as oil, pressure and so on, can reduce the maintenance work of the fastener.

However, these characteristics can cause corresponding defects: for example, the buckle pressure of the rail can not be adjusted;

When the line is uneven, it will be difficult to use the rail bottom rubber pad to make the rail height high.

More than 10 millimeters is almost impossible to put up.

In the fixed bed section, there is no room for adjustment in this area, and it becomes a "pit".

On the train, when the pit is deep, the train will bounce every time it passes.

Of course, it can also be used to arrange the line smoothly and smoothly, so that the order of tens of meters will be either high or low, and the workload will be multiplied by several times to ten times.

In addition, it is difficult to use the steel rail temperature stress on the seamless line.

In the end, such elastic fasteners will have their own faults, especially the higher ones.

Need regular inspection, timely replacement.