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What is U-shaped rail clip?
May 26, 2018
  • U-shaped and u-shaped rail clip with front and rear camber, front ends to withhold on the bottom edge of the rail, then ends into iron slots after the back-end. 

  • Elastic raised relates to a fastener device installed in the adjustment of railway concrete sleeper used on rail height and gauge and withhold a fixed rail installation, consists of an insulated buffer pads, high-standard adjustable plate gauge and insulation mats, as well as iron, screw spikes and clips form. 

  • Raised with different specifications plate gauge and insulation pads can easily adjust the height of rail and gauge through the screw spike top nut clamping spring to withhold tight rail. The utility withheld power, easy adjustment and a wide range of adjustment.

U rail clips

  • The fastener using the 50kg/m concrete sleeper or concrete broad sleeper track, standard gauge railway line and curve radius r ≥ 300mm curve.

  • Gauge adjustment range-8 ≈ 16mm, the biggest increase in volume of 25mm, new type Foundation under rail (such as monolithic track bed) curve, you can advance in 25mm raised pads, using track removed, outer rail pads, maximum amount of increase of its two rail 50mm.

  • Nut tightening torque is 100N.m, in the grade of the braking curve tightening torque for 150N.m, when torque is greater than 120N.m, u-shaped spring straight part at both ends with the end of the rail is parallel to the line contact to prevent rail valgus or crawling.