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What is the technical standard of fastener of high-speed railway?
Feb 25, 2018

The problem of the fastening of high-speed railway has been timely managed and corrected, and the standards set are also adjusted to the strictest, and the government will keep strict control at all times.

The high-speed rail fastener series such as set of paragraph 18 railway industry technical standards of our country without a frantic jumble of high speed railway track is the place that is more important, it is a sign of China's railway technology mature gradually.

So countries will be more highly attention, and the completion of high-speed railway operation experience also marks the railway development in our country more on a new step, through the release of these standards to make our country's railway construction is more standardized, and will promote the development of railway track technology in China's new goals, some of the railway in the process of driving the problem will be solved, so get the support of many people.

People can see through the high-speed rail fastener series such as railway industry technical standards, 18 were able to more accurate positioning railway standard, and the ability to transport in the process of product design and manufacturing and inspection, and other technology to provide accurate basis, can to improve and guarantee the development of railway construction plays a big role, the railway running changes to let more people see the future, such as high-speed rail fastener and without a frantic jumble of high speed railway track are artifacts of railway is more important, it even bigger development space, the government's efforts in the great adjustment and operation process of railway standard on the quality of products will play a positive role.