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What is Rail Tie Plate?
Aug 10, 2018

What is Rail Tie Plate?

Rail tie plate between the rail and rail sleeper is one of the important parts of the track structure, and it plays an important damping effect in the wheel/rail dynamic system. With the development of heavy haul railway and increasing axle load, the performance of rail tie plate must be also improved to meet higher requirements in aspects of damping property, impacting resistance and long service life.

Rail tie plate is a fastening device used between rail and rail sleeper.

As the train speed becomes faster and faster, track stability requirements are also gradually improved, rail tie plate has also experienced many improvements. Since the advent of nodular cost iron by its excellent mechanical properties and good casting properties, it has attracted much attention of railway industry who thinks that it is the best choice to be as cast iron ductile tie plate instead of the malleable cast iron tie plate. 

Due to the strong vibration and shock resistance of ferrite nodular cast iron, it is widely used in manufacturing track accessories nowadays, such as subway line accessories type tie plate, rapid rail pad, passenger railway rail tie plate, etc. In order to adapt to the needs of current railway production, Henan Great Track Machinery Co.,Ltd developed and produced the nodular cast iron tie plate.