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What is Rail Connection Parts?
May 31, 2018

Rail connection parts is a part that connects or connects rails and sleepers. The former is called joint connection parts. The latter is called the intermediate link part. Its effect is long-term rail can be guaranteed effectively and reliable connection between rail and rail and the sleeper, as much as possible to maintain continuity and integrity of rail, prevent rail vertical movement relative to the sleeper, ensure the normal track, and give full play under the dynamic function of rolling stock buffer damping performance, slow down the accumulation of residual deformation.

The joint connecting parts include splint, bolt and spring washer etc.

(1) splint. Commonly known as fishtail plate, made of the same steel material as rail. Most of the double head shape, the upper and lower sides are inclined plane, and the rail head and bottom top face are wedged. 

(2) the bolt. A fastener that fastens a rail to the pressure of a splint by means of a nut. A spring washer is required to stop the loosening of the nut after it is tightened due to train vibration. Bolts are generally made of high carbon steel, not too large in diameter, so as not to weaken the rail and splint too much. Some countries also add a nylon sleeve around the bolt to reduce vibration and prevent loose nuts. Rail joint is the weak link of track. In order to reduce rail joint, the rail of standard length can be welded into a long rail of a certain length.