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What is a spike? What is the advantage of the spike?
Jan 04, 2018

Railway spike is a common railway accessory in railway rail transit, and the production time of this kind of railway accessories is relatively early, which can be said to be the continuous development of railway track. Now commonly used domestic rail spike including wood screw spike, spring spike, screw spike, conventional spike a few species, such as the use of these a few types of railroad spike in a different way, but the effect is the same, is through different ways to construct and use compress railway rail. Common rail staples are divided into manual spike and mechanism spike, which are simple and simple in the process of installation and use.

The wooden occipital spike has the characteristic that other daemons do not have, that is to be able to save the client's capital input as far as possible under the precondition of modeling standard. In the production of wooden sleeper spike when we use the raw materials are generally and manufacture other manual spike are using the same material, this material is just in comparison to spike into slightly lower than the mechanism. This should be the advantage of the manual spike compared to the mechanism spike. Secondly, the so-called manual stitching can also be used in the process of mechanical forming, which may seem cumbersome, but the processing step is also cheaper than the pure mechanism. Mechanism of spike and spike in commonly used different word is in the process of using railway track spike sometimes need to use on the heavy rail, bearing more pressure and tension, because without him, only in the conventional spike mechanism spike to compare manual spike has the advantages of fine workmanship, weight, guarantee, intensity of certification.