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What exactly is the railway fittings?
Jan 23, 2018

Railway accessories include:

Railway track products.

There are two kinds of railway track products, one is railway rail, and the other is the large size of the railway track.

The laying of railway rails in railway transportation is the basic configuration, but it is also the most important.

The use of railway rail, rail, switch and other parts is very simple, which is usually used in the installation and installation of railway tracks.

The use of the steel rail is relatively simple. According to the design and installation requirements, it is necessary to consider the road condition of the railway section and the technical parameters such as the weight of railway track model.

The use of rail switch and bifurcation is a little more complicated. In addition to needing to pay attention to some problems in installation and use, such railway track accessories need to be inspected and maintained regularly.

In comparison, the frequency of damage and replacement of rail and bifurcated core products is much higher than that of railway rail.

General railway rail and the installation of the bifurcation core in use process in addition to the need to conform to the requirements of design drawings match the railway rail models also need to consider the railway rail weight, railway track curvature, railway track gauge technology parameters, such as, in some places still need to consider the length of the railway rail, rail road subgrade of different actual situation to adjust railway switch.

Railway track fixed accessories.

These kinds of railway accessories are generally used for railway track products.

Railway track fixed parts generally has a simple structure of railway spike and the rail pressure slightly more complex products and accessories, such as railway accessories production and manufacturing and its structure, also has the distinction between simple and complex.

Although the production of railway spike has two kinds of manual spike and mechanism, it is relatively simple to produce.

The commonly used railroad spike includes screw spike, wooden thread spike, and ordinary spike.

Occasionally, there will be a different kind of spike or spike, but the production process is the same, and the only difference is the type of rail spike.

The pressure rail is also known as the welding type pressure rail, and there are many types of railway fittings, which are also used according to different railway rails and switches.

The commonly used rail ballast is 30kg pressure rail, qu70 pressure rail, qu80 pressure rail, qu120 pressure rail, etc.

Say pressure production process is complicated because of rail track is divided into several parts, extract tracks down the device will have the base, pillar, gasket, shells, and other parts, so in the use of railway accessories medium pressure rail can better compression rail and rail switch products.

Railway track connection accessories.

Railway track connection accessories are divided into two types, one is the connection accessories of the same side rail, the other is the connection parts of the parallel rails.

The commonly used parallel rail connection accessories are gauge pull rod, track gauge, and other link accessories.

The general gauge rod is a common rail link accessory in railway fittings. However, in some railway tracks that are complex or prone to leakage accidents, it is necessary to use the insulated gauge pull rod.

The commonly used side rail connection accessories are much more, involving rail track, fishtail bolts and other fastening accessories.

The road splint is an indispensable part in railway track connection, and the connection mode between the railway rail and rail of the same side is varied, but it requires the participation of the plywood products.

In the case of the correct use of connecting fittings in railway tracks, it is necessary to make sure the railway rail and the railway basic accessories such as switch and bifurcation are playing their own role.

The common track splint products are ordinary plywood, but with the rail and the switch, the connection between the rail and the rail will require the use of a different type of rail road splint.

As the track section is different, sometimes it is necessary to use the variable track splint and the insulated channel splint.

Such products need to be considered in terms of actual road conditions.