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What exactly is railway track fastener?
Jan 29, 2018

Rail rail fasteners are parts that are used to connect rail and sleeper (or other types of rail) in orbit.

Its function is to keep track of the rails and keep track and prevent the rails from moving horizontally.

The railway rail fastener system is divided into: shrapnel fastener system, fastener system and bullet fastener system.

Gusset plate type fastener consists of gusset plate, screw spike, spring washer, iron and buffer plate, screw spike with sulfur cement mortar anchor in concrete sleeper support rail station in the hole, then use will gusset plate fastening bolt.

Article article elastic fasteners play Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ type.

Play Ⅰ type by omega play, screw spike, gauge apron and rubber mat.

Its buckle pressure is not enough, the springtime is small.

Play Ⅱ type of appearance is same as the article play Ⅰ type, cheng is not less than 10 mm.

Button type pressure article is playing Ⅰ increased.

Article play Ⅲ type is no shoulder fasteners, suitable for big traffic volume, high density transportation conditions, it has a button pressure is large, the advantages of good elasticity, especially cancelled concrete block shoulder, eliminates the rail bottom under transverse force is the possibility of horizontal displacement.

Performance characteristics of rail fastener:

1) adequate strength and durability.

The rail transit operation time is long, the driving density is high, the maintenance condition is poor, and the rail fasteners must have enough strength and durability to ensure the safety of driving.

2) have certain gauge and horizontal adjustment performance.

The rail transit USES the overall structure of the bed, the radius of the line curve is small, and the steel rail is worn.

This requires that the fasteners should have a certain gauge and horizontal adjustment performance, so as to solve the uneven settlement and construction error caused by the uneven settlement and construction error of the curved rail rail and the construction error, and the level of the rail is beyond the limit.

3) good insulation performance.

Rail transit are commonly used line tracks as reflux rail, which requires the fasteners must have good insulation property, prevent current leakage through the fasteners, cause structural steel and municipal pipeline corrosion.

4) there is a good elasticity of vibration reduction.

Subway and other urban rail transit travel through the residential area, and the environmental protection requirements for vibration and noise reduction are very high. The rail fastener must have good vibration damping performance, attenuation track vibration and reduce noise transmission.

5) there is a certain universal interchangeability.

The fastener structure should be simple, the parts are few, have certain universal interchangeability, the cost is low, construction and maintenance is convenient.