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What are the rules of screw bolt anchorage?
Feb 01, 2018

[student's question] what are the rules of screw bolt anchorage?

(1) the screw bolt is anchored by sulfur cement mortar.

The formulation and preparation process of sulfur cement mortar shall conform to the regulations of railway track construction and acceptance specification.

(2) in the case of the wrong fixation, the attachment on the sleeper and the screw should be cleaned.

Screw spike should be dry, the temperature should be above 0 ℃.

(3) the anchoring method should adopt anti-anchor, and the screw bolt should be positioned with the mould.

The anchor mortar is injected into the hole from the bottom of the pillow.

When the anchor is being anchored, the bottom of the reserved hole should be plugged tightly, and the slurry should be tight. After the anchor mortar is injected into the hole, the screw should be rotated slowly and vertically.

Sulfur injection hole of cement mortar shall not be lower than the temperature of 130 ℃, and should prevent segregation, once a hole to fill out.

The grouting depth should be 20mm longer than the length of the screw bolt hole. The roof of the anchor mortar should be flat with the socket, and the whole flat should be removed when the residual residue solidified.

(4) supposed to support rail groove surface vertical screw spike, skewed shall not be greater than 2 °.

The intersection point between the middle line of the spike and the groove of the track shall not be greater than 2mm from the center of the reserved hole, and the bottom of the shaft should be higher than that of the bearing rail, but not more than 2mm. The pulling force of the screw spike should not be less than 60kn.

All the above contents are arranged according to the problems encountered in the actual work of the students. For reference, please timely communicate and correct any questions.