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Use of Screw spike considerations
Nov 14, 2017

The advantage of Screw screw is that the consolidation ability is better than that of nails

Rubbing screw

Rubbing screw

It's more convenient to use.

This is a nail that is designed specifically for Screw, and when it enters the Screw, it is very firmly embedded in it.

If the Screw is not decaying, it cannot be pulled out, even if forced out, it will bring out the nearby Screw.

One thing to note, Screw screws must be screwed in with a screwdriver, never hammer in with a hammer, and damage the surrounding wood.

The screwdriver with Screw screw is installed as its loading and unloading tool, the shape is fitted with the head groove of the Screw screw, and there are two kinds of cross shape.

In addition, there is another special starter for the bow drill, which is suitable for handling large Screw screws, which are convenient and easy to use.