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Type VII fastener
Jan 31, 2018

Suitable conditions

Play article VII type fastener applies to 75 kg/m rails laid or 60 kg/m rails overloaded freight line, can satisfy the following lines and operating conditions:  maximum 30 t train axle load, top speed of 120 km/h 400 m   minimum curve radius without blocking shoulder a frantic jumble prestressed concrete sleeper rail or elastic supporting block without a frantic jumble of orbit

Product composition

Play article VII type fastener system by the T bolt, nut, flat washer, elastic, insulation under gauge block, gauge apron, rail pad and embedded iron, in addition, but also used in rail height adjustment higher plate cut high in plate and plate (track)


Functional features

Function  gauge adjustment quantity - 12 ~ + 8 mm, adjust the level difference is 2 mm.

 rail height position adjustment quantity of 20 mm, differential is 1 mm.

 characteristics on the basis of concrete prepared embedded iron, because the fastener system is not set up the iron plate, set on the surface of the concrete support rail 1:40 rail bottom slope.

 embedded iron T bolt fastening installed on a play, is advantageous for the rail height position adjustment.

 as the rail height position adjustment need larger, setting gauge apron, to play a tail

The following adjustment is made, and the gauge baffle can be adjusted to the left and right position of the steel rail.

 gauge block set on the rail and insulation insulation effect between gauge apron, at the same time, by changing the different thickness of insulation gauge blocks around the rail position adjustment can be performed.

 on-orbit set under elastic plate, providing fastener system flexibility.

The engineering application

The type VII fastener has been used in mass applications in railway projects such as the central south of Shanxi Province and the quasi-new railway project. It has been used for about two years, and the use of the fastener is in good condition and the gauge can be maintained effectively.