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Type II Rail Metal Clips Fasteners
Jan 25, 2018

Type II Rail Metal Clips Fasteners is applicable to the standard gauge railway line and curve. The radius is not less than 300m line with 60kg/m rail and prestressed concrete sleeper, prestressed concrete wide sleeper, the maximum height is 10mm.

Article Type II Rail Metal Clips Fasteners play button fastener has higher binding strength, pressure big, strength safe reserve, and the advantages of small residual deformation.

The difference between type II and type I bullets.

Article type Ⅰ play and Ⅱ play looks appearance, also has a track pad, but formal state railways are all adopt Ⅱ elastic fasteners, as for some local railway private sidings are less strict rules, because local railways are generally 50 kg is enough.

The product has been exported to the United States, France, Canada, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Iran and other countries, and won the unanimous praise of customers.