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Track fasteners
Jan 24, 2018

First, the role and importance of elastic bar in railway track. Rail is a component supporting locomotives and locomotives, and rail is fixed on sleeper of track bed through elastic fastener. The elastic fastener is mainly elastic buckling piece, by bending and torsional deformations of elastic bar, produce buckle pressure acting on the track, long-term effectively ensure the reliable connection between the rail, as far as possible to maintain the integrity of the track, stop the rail relative to the sleeper vertical and horizontal move, to ensure the normal track, to ensure rail vehicles safety. In addition, due to the rigid contact between train wheels and rails, vibration is unavoidable, and the special elastic structure of the elastic bar makes it absorb the impact energy when the vehicle passes, so as to achieve the role of shock absorption. The elastic bar is working under repeated alternating stresses. It bears many functions such as bending, torsion, fatigue and corrosion. It also bears very high instantaneous impact load when vehicle passes, so the performance requirement of the elastic bar is very strict. With the increase of axle load and speed of train operation and the development of urban rail transit and subway, the key part of track structure is also developing continuously, and its importance is increasingly concerned by all countries. China is a large country with large differences in climate, transportation conditions and regions. It needs various elastic bars with different performance requirements to meet different track requirements. As in the conventional line, need to buckle pressure, elastic good elasticity, meet the need of heavy load, high speed line; and on the viaduct rail, rail and bridge for the interaction decreases, requirements and ensure fastener resistance, elastic strip has sufficient flexibility to ensure that there is enough low elastic bar the stiffness to ensure that when a train passes through for sleeper fastening pressure caused by compression loss is very small, the fastener is not loose. It can be seen that although the projectile bar is a small maintenance device, it is an important part of track. Because of its large demand, about 7000 pieces per kilometer, its reliability is directly related to the safety of driving. Two, the world uses elastic buckling piece types as the conditions and habits of different countries in the world have developed a variety of play to adapt to the development of railway transportation. One of the most typical are: British Rolle Pender (PANDROL) series elastic fastener fastener is one of the world's most famous and has the biggest influence, the fastening parts using PR series, E series of bomb bomb, its use throughout the United States, Canada, India and other more than 70 countries and regions. The German railway with large HM type fastener famous, fastening parts using SKL series elastic strip, which has made a good effect on the line, is also widely used in some other countries and regions. Holland D.E type fastener and Swiss FIST are used as elastic bar fastener fastening parts, use is also very good. Japan and France are used as parts of the country to withhold shrapnel including France, Nabeul famous 102 type fastener fastener, a very famous Japanese Tokaido Xingan by the. Three, shrapnel and bomb used in China mainly by the bending deformation properties of materials fastening parts work when withholding shrapnel, processing is relatively simple, the cost is often low, but due to the bolt fastening hole, easy to appear in the position of stress concentration, the maximum bending moment at the surface is precisely the weakened section maximum. The early development of the arch shrapnel fastener in our country found that the bolt tightening is easy to break, and the vibration generated by the train passes easily, so that some of the nuts are released from the bolts. Another gauge baffle under the effect of oscillation is easy to climb the rail bottom, causing the widening of gauge, because of this situation, in addition to the subway road of DT I and DT II by shrapnel as fastening parts outside the fastener, other rail lines no longer uses the shrapnel type fastener. The bending properties of materials elastic buckling work, and the use of material properties (especially the torsional deformation of circular elastic strip), thus elastic is generally good, and basically no weakening of section, so the material utilization rate is high, the routine route, the general hope withholds the piece buckle pressure, good elasticity in this regard, the elastic fastener has obvious advantages. At present, China's railway and other railway traffic on most of them use elastic strip type fastening parts, the main form of China's elastic fastening parts are: elastic bolts installed Omega structure form, such as the type, I really use type II elastic strip, Shilong bridge resistance elastic strip, WJ-2 type elastic strip no; pandrol type bolt installation, such as type III, VI DT elastic fastener used elastic bar, the Guangzhou Metro PR type elastic strip; there are other structural forms of elastic, elastic elastic strip between two toes. Four, play the production type and quality assurance of Kunshan Eric Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd production, sales: 1, E type elastic fastener (E1609, E1809, E2006, E2007, E2009, E2055, E2056), 2 type elastic fastener 3, type II (WJ-3) of the elastic fastener 4, type III (WJ-4). A fastener 5, IV type 6, V type elastic fastener elastic fastener 7, TF-M 7, TF-Y type elastic fastener elastic bar fastener 8, SKL type elastic fastener (SKL1, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14) 9, PR series elastic strip (PR309, PR401, PR601), the vertical elastic strip. Russian spring bar etc. 10, WJ-2 type 11, WJ-5 type elastic fastener elastic fastener 12, WJ-7B type 13, WJ-8B type elastic fastener elastic fastener 14, WJ-8C type 15, type 300 elastic fastener elastic fastener 16, Nabula (Nabule) Nabla 17, WJ-1 type shrapnel shrapnel fastener fastener 18 and KPO buckle fastener 19 and DT 3 Type -2 projectile fastener 20, DT IV -1 type fastener 21, DT VI