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The types of bullet points used by countries around the world
Jan 25, 2018

Depending on the national conditions and usage habits, different countries have developed various bullet bars to accommodate the development of railway transportation.

Typical among them has: the British have to roll pan (PANDROL) article series elastic fasteners, is famous in the world today, has a great influence of fasteners, its withhold with PR series play, E series play, the scope of its use in the United States, Canada, India, etc. More than seventy countries and regions.

The German railway is heavily used with the famous HM type fasteners, and the couplers are SKL series, and the online road has achieved good results, which is also widely used in other countries and regions.

The Dutch D.E type fastener and the Swiss FIST fastener are used as the buckle and the usage is good.

Japan and France are countries that use shrapnel as a fastener, with the famous French naboo fastener, and the famous 102-type fasteners in the new dry passage of Japan's donghai road.