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The skill of the railway fittings
Jan 22, 2018

Railway fittings wood pillow made of wood.

Also known as pillow wood, anti - corrosion wood pillow, also known as oil pillow.

Wooden pillows are made of tough, resilient wood.

Wooden pillow can be divided into common wooden pillow, fork pillow, bridge pillow.

Ordinary wooden sleeper standard length is 2.5 m, its profile is divided into two categories, the I, Ⅱ, for different levels of lines.

It is used for the bifurcation pillow, which is wider than the wooden pillow, with a length ranging from 2600mm to 4800mm. It is divided into 12 types, each of which is 20mm in length, and is selected according to the actual width of the turnout.

Used for bridge pillow, its section size varies with the center spacing of main girder (or longitudinal beam).

The wooden pillow has the advantages of good elasticity, easy to process and easy to use.

Since the railway, wooden pillow is the main type of sleeper.

However, due to the reasons of the materials, the elastic, strength and durability of the wooden pillow are not uniform enough, which will increase the dynamic effect of the rail and use a lot of high-quality wood.

The service life of wooden pillow is short, its failure reason is a lot of, mainly is rotten, mechanical wear and crack.

The wooden pillow is embalmed because it is perishable.

The unembalmed wooden pillow is called a vegetarian pillow.

China's timber resources are scarce and expensive, and have gradually been replaced by concrete pillows on main highways.