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The production method of railway locomotive accessories steel
Jan 11, 2018

Railway locomotive accessories steel production methods: most steel machining are steel through pressure, cause the machining steel, billet, ingot, etc.) to produce plastic deformation. According to different steel processing temperature can be divided into two kinds of cold and hot working.

So how does the main material steel of railway locomotive fittings produce?

Rolling, steel billet through a pair of rotating roll gap (shape), due to roll pressure reduce material section, length, increase the processing method, this is the most commonly used mode of production, production of steel products are mainly used for the production profiles, sheet, pipe, cold rolled, hot rolled.

Forging steel: use the reciprocating impact or press pressure forging hammer to make blank as we need to change shape and size of a pressure processing method. Generally divided into free forging and die forging, commonly used for production of DaXingCai sufficiently large cross section size of the material.

Drawing steel: it is the processing method of reducing cross section and increasing length through die hole drawing of metal billet (type, tube, product, etc.) that has been rolled. Most of it is used for cold processing.

Extrusion: steel is placed within the airtight container, pressure on the side, make steel from regulations die extrusion and get a certain shape and size of the finished product processing method, more steel used in the production of non-ferrous metal materials. Railway locomotive accessories.