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The origin distribution of China fastener industry development status analysis
Jan 19, 2018

Our country is the first big fasteners production, annual output over 4 million tons, the current domestic production of fasteners, the vast majority of ordinary fasteners for low intensity, low value-added production, still need to import a large number of high strength fasteners, 20% of export products unit price than imported fasteners, the unit price.

At present, there are over 7000 fastener manufacturers in China, with overcapacity and fierce competition, and the gross profit is declining year by year.

China is the center of the world's fastener production, while China's fastener production is mainly concentrated in three centers: guangdong, jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai.

The fasteners of guangdong are mainly concentrated in dongguan, shenzhen, foshan, zhongshan, shunde, nanhai, huizhou, chaoshan, etc., with more than 1000 enterprises.

Jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai fasteners are mainly concentrated in wenzhou, haiyan, ningbo, haimen about 4,700 enterprises;

There are nearly 3,000 enterprises in yongnian.

From the perspective of a region fastener enterprises most concentration, guangdong fasteners enterprise distribution and administrative area across the region and a lot of, can't form a single large base of regional concentration, and wenzhou fastener production 3000, haiyan fasteners production 1500, YongNian fasteners production more than 3000, the fastener production enterprise, not across the administrative regions, most concentrated in a single administrative jurisdictions, so YongNian, wenzhou, sea salt can truthfully become fasteners, three major production bases in China.