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The main features of Screw spike
Nov 14, 2017

Screw screws, one of which is a rod, and the Screw screw and the tapping of the thread are not the same.

The self-tapping screw is of high hardness, the thread spacing is wide, the thread is deep, the surface is not smooth, the Screw screw is opposite, the other one is more obvious, the Screw screw has no thread.

Since the nail is usually treated with heat treatment, the Screwen screw is not needed, since the concept of self-tapping is very general, because he is divided into different types according to the head type.

Use of Screw screws: similar to machine screws, but threaded screws on the screw are used for special Screw screws, which can be directly entered into Screwen components (or parts).