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The introduction of different diameter of railway accessories.
Jan 11, 2018

The third pass is a kind of three-way, and there is no uniform model. In general, it is possible to use the combination of ordinary three-way and variable diameter.

In the case of drainage pipes, it is generally not used for reducing the diameter of the pipe. Even if the branch pipe is smaller than the director, it can only be changed by filling the heart.

As for elbow, specification requirements, is greater than the DN100 turn 90 ° bend pipe, can only use two 45 ° elbow;

The installation direction of the three-way pipe fitting can not be installed.

The machining method of the three - way pipe fitting is to mark the pipe and the mark.

Special equipment for the three-way pipe fitting: the device is installed on the pipe, including metal rod, top press, reversing device and bracket, etc.

When the metal rod is heated, and when the jacks and metal rods are pushed out, the material of the pipe wall will naturally turn out to form a three-way blank.

Then the pipe section of the corresponding length of the corresponding length shall be welded on the top of the reduced-diameter three-way blank to produce the final product.

The machining method of different diameter three-way pipe fitting is suitable for the machining of different diameter three-way pipe fitting in different specifications.

The special processing equipment, simple structure, low cost, manufacturing reducing tee pipe don't need another injection molding machine and injection molds, can reduce the production cost of this kind of pipe fittings, improve production efficiency.