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The effect of fishtail bolts
Jan 24, 2018

The fishtail bolt (fishtail wire) is mainly used in the track laying of metallurgical industry, coking industry and steel industry, and the steel rail is connected with rail joint fastening.

The rail joint splint (fishtail plate) is connected, and it can be replaced by hexagonal bolt.

Materials :Q235 and 45# steel and insulated fishtail bolts, etc.

Models have Φ 14 x 70, 18 x 90 x 75, Φ Φ 16, 20 x 90 Φ, 24 x 135 x 135, Φ Φ 22, 24 24 x 170 x 145, Φ Φ etc., are generally friction press hot pressing molding, buckle 50 mm long, also has a cold heading forming.

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