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The classification and dimension specification and appearance quality of railway locomotive accessories.
Jan 11, 2018

1. Classification of railway locomotive accessories rail:

1. According to the weight of kilograms per meter, it can be divided into heavy rail and light rail:

Heavy rail: according to the type of steel, it can be divided into three types: ordinary manganese steel rail, copper carbon steel rail, high silicon steel rail, copper rail, manganese track, silicon rail, etc., the main ones are 38, 43 and 50kg.

Some few lines also use 45kg.

Light rail: mainly including 9, 12, 15, 22, 30KG different types.

2. According to the manufacture and use: the steel rails are mainly made of carbon steel, which is smelted by the furnace and oxygen furnace, while the other is the operating pressure and impact load of the rolling stock.

3. According to the manufacturers and importers, at present our country rail is mainly some of the domestic steel production, such as anshan iron and steel and wuhan iron, but due to the amount is relatively large, need to import foreign conform to the technical standard of physical and chemical properties in our country and abroad related standard method to determine the accessory parts of rail and rail.

2, the size of the rail is railway locomotive accessories: our country rail length and other specification of the size of the rail geometry size tolerance and so on, by the "8" in the corresponding standards for heavy rail.

Iii. Appearance quality of railway locomotive accessories rail

1. After rolling, the rail must be straight, and no obvious bending and torsion can occur. Even if distortion and deformation occur, it cannot exceed the prescribed standard.

2. The surface of the rail should be more clean and smooth, and ensure that can't appear crack, scar, scratch, etc., and end face can't with marks of shrinkage cavity and intercalation, rail brace track components, in order to effectively wheel/rail lateral force resistant, installation of components on the outside of rail.

The rail support is generally installed on the outside of the rail outside the small radius curve, so as to prevent the train passing through the curve, too large transverse force causes the lateral displacement of the rail to be too large, and even causes the steel rail to overturn.

Common rail support is used for the wooden pillow track more.

In most of the rail, the rail support is also installed on the outside of the basic rail to improve the transverse stiffness of the rail, and the shape of the rail support is more.