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Technical requirements of screw spike
Aug 16, 2018

Technical requirements of screw spike:

1. the material of screw spike is q235-a steel, and the technical requirements shall comply with the provisions of GB700.

2.the upper thread of screw spike is M24, the basic size shall be in accordance with the provisions of GB196, and the thread tolerance shall be manufactured according to the 8g specified in GB197.

3.the screw thread in the lower part of screw is special M25.6 x 6 -- d24.0/25.6, and the tooth height is 3.25 -- 0.025mm.

4.the end of screw spike is manufactured according to the provisions of GB2.

5.forging burst cracks on the surface of screw tacks are not allowed to extend to the rod body.

6.upper screw thread of screw thread shall be free of bruising and burrs that prevent screw gauge from freely screw in, and shall not be incomplete with double tooth tip, scratch and thread thread.

7.the screw threads at the lower part of screw shall be in regular shape and complete screw thread, and no splitting marks are allowed.

8.screw surface shall not have indentations, burrs, flanges, burns and oxidized skins.

9.the screw shall be subjected to physical tensile test.