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Technical requirements for screw spike
Jan 24, 2018

(1) the material of screw spike is Q235-A steel, and the technical requirements should meet the requirements of GB700.

(2) the upper thread of screw bolt is M24, and the basic dimension shall comply with the requirements of GB196, and the thread tolerance shall be manufactured according to the 8g specified in GB197.

(3) the lower thread of the screw spike is special M25.6 * 6 -- d24.0/25.6 thread, and the tooth height is 3.25 -- 00.25mm.

(4) the screw end is manufactured by GB2.

(5) the forging crack on the surface of the screw is not allowed to extend to the shaft.

(6) screw upper thread shall not allow any touching or burr to prevent the free spiral of screw thread, and it is not allowed to have the double tooth tip, scratch and thread incomplete.

(7) the lower thread of the screw spike should be in neat shape, the thread is intact, and no splitting marks are allowed.

(8) the surface of the screw spike is not allowed to affect the use of indentation, burr, flying edge, burn and scale.

(9) the screw spike shall be tested in kind, and when the load is 130kN, the screw shall not be broken.