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Technical key of track coupler system (passenger line)
Jan 30, 2018

Technology key of track coupler system - passenger dedicated line.

Due to the special line for passenger transport in the passenger comfort and safety as the main target, without a frantic jumble track of passenger dedicated line into a section of track laying, is no longer a single lower infrastructure, involves the base of lower various structures such as Bridges, tunnels, roadbed, to meet the requirements of operating conditions, main technical key problems that need to solve the following fasteners.

1. Good vibration damping performance.

Without a frantic jumble rail fasteners should be better than a frantic jumble rail fastener flexibility, but elastic not unlimited increase, otherwise it will cause rail tilting trains passing a large and dynamic gauge to expand influence the comfort of the train.

How to determine the stiffness of the system and the matching of the track stiffness, how to realize the lower rigidity of the fastener and the safety of the vehicle is the key technology to be solved in the buckle system.

2. High insulation performance to meet the requirements of track circuit.

According to the requirements of the track circuit, the fastener system not only has high insulation performance under dry conditions, but also has high insulation performance in the case of heavy rainfall.

This requires special technical measures to improve water film resistance.

3. The universality of the fastener system that meets the requirements of seamless line laying.

For laying of jointless track requirements, tunnel and fastener system should have enough proof to climb on subgrade resistance, normally prevent climbing is good for seamless line, the greater the resistance so often adopt withhold rail pressure of elastic bar.

Fastener and the bridge system to meet the requirements of laying of jointless track are usually small resistance elastic fasteners, namely the article adopts a less pressure of elastic withhold rail and cooperate with lower friction coefficient of the composite plate.

Therefore, the fastener system should be equipped with the function of installing the large buckle pressure and the small buckle.

4. The universality of the fastener system for various ballastless track structures.

Without a frantic jumble track structure is differ, but from the perspective of design, construction and operation management requirements fastener system has the versatility, sleeper embedded type or plate type without a frantic jumble orbit, fastener system shall be installed and used by the fastener system can adapt to all kinds of different types of frantic jumble track structure.

Five, buckle under the pressure attenuation and the fatigue life of rail elastic cushion stiffness is reduced, means that the train through greater deformation, play a dynamic deformation increased, the front of this article to play elastic performance and fatigue performance put forward higher requirements, how to solve the low stiffness under the rail used in the elastic cushion layer play a buckle under the pressure attenuation and large deformation of the fatigue life is also one of the key technology.

6. Reliable connection between the fastener system and the foundation.

Without a frantic jumble commonly used rail fastener with iron plate elastic fasteners, separately according to the functional requirement, iron plate through the anchor bolts and embedded in concrete foundation insulation casing with fastening on the foundation.

According to engineering practice, the embedded parts in concrete foundation of strength and fatigue life is the weak link, take measures to effectively improve the embedded insulation casing strength and fatigue life are one of the key technology to solve.

7. Less spare parts and easy operation mode to realize the adjustment of the rail height and the left and right positions.

Summarizing the practice experience of ballastless track engineering in our country, the rail height and the left and right position adjustment are large and the requirements are fine-tuned.

Therefore, the structure of the fastener system should be equipped with less spare parts and convenient operation mode to adjust the rail height and left and right positions.

When adjusting the left and right positions, you should try not to replace the parts, and it is better to adjust the mode without class adjustment.