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Standard for maintenance of tail plate installation device
Aug 07, 2017

1. The tail plate installation device fixed screw fastening, the device does not have the old wound crack.

2. The connecting rod, the external locking device has no old wound crack, the rod piece no mill card and the rust, the pin hole attrition is not much than 1mm, the insulation is good.

3. Rod connection Iron Insulation good, the external lock connection iron and the expression rod connection iron insulation is good, without the insulation to maintain has the 3mm above clearance, does not collide with other parts, bolts fastening.

4. Check the tail plate installation device switch machine shell without cracks, the installation is firm, and the lock effect is good.

5. Check tubing Road protection measures intact without damage, not by ballast and other debris buried.

Through the introduction of the above believe that the fish tail plate related to the introduction has more understanding, this can also be better for us in the future use of the process to bring more convenience, so that our efficiency to improve.