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Screw Spike Quality Inspection
Jul 04, 2018

How to Choose Right Screw Spike?

Screw spike also called sleeper screw, it is usually used to fasten steel rail and rail sleeper and it can be also used with plastic dowels. According to different threads, lengths, diameters and head shapes, screw spike can be divided into different kinds, so you can choose it based on your requirements.


Screw Spike Quality Inspection:

First of all, screw testing should be implemented at the beginning of wire rod of the screw. The quality of precision screw is directly related to production of wire.

The second step is to inspect head screw forming. Mould testing is the most important for forming process of screw spike. Good mould is the premise that makes good screw spike. Then next step is to inspect production machine of screw spike, which is conducive to safe and smooth production. Formed screw spike should be inspected whether it is with any burrs or not and then be measured for its accurate size.

The third step is about detection of screw thread. The detection of thread pitch should also meet the requirements of customer and international standards.

The last step is the screw shipment inspection. The method is to pick out the screw spikes that are not qualified, and then leave the best quality screw spikes to the customer.