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Screw spike is compared to other types
Nov 14, 2017

The common fastening screws have self-tapping screw, fine tooth dry wall screw, traditional wooden screw and fiberboard screw etc.

The following is the characteristic of common screw, everyone should choose reasonably.

Self tapping screw

The correct application of the self-tapping screw should be the fastening and connection of the metal material used for pre-drilling.

It has the function of automatically tapping the internal thread on the metal body, and can be used to tighten the thread meshing.

However, because of its high thread bottom diameter, it can be relatively shallow when used in wood products.

And because of the small pitch of the thread, there is also less wood structure between the two teeth.

Therefore, it is not reliable and unsafe to use self-tapping screws for wood mounting parts, especially loose wood.

Drywall screw

The correct use of the dry wall screw is to tighten and connect the metal keel and gypsum board.

When used in wood mounting, it has a similar defect to the self - tapping screw.

Moreover, due to the large diameter of the head of the wall screw, the head embedment is poor, and it is easy to cause the screw head and installation surface uneven.

Traditional wooden screw

Traditional wooden screws are used to pre-drill holes in the wood mounting parts, otherwise it is easy to cause wood cracking.

In addition, since traditional wooden screws are not treated with heat treatment, the use of electric tools can easily cause the troughs to be damaged, and the manual installation is difficult.

Fibreboard screw

Belong to relatively novel wood screw breed, suit electric tool installation.

However, because of its single thread design, it is still not effective to solve the problem of cracking on hardwood, and it has no advantage in the speed and twisting torque.