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Reasons for failure of railway fish plates
Jun 07, 2018

Fish plate (rail joint splint), commonly known as track splint, plays a connecting role at the rail joint. It is divided into light rail, heavy rail and lifting rail. The fishtail plate is a fastener used for connecting rails to rails.

The formation of cracks in fishtail plate is closely related to the interaction between fishtail plate and rail surface. Fishplate and rail joint bolt connection in the actual work condition is not a rigid as a whole, the existence of the impact of wheel and rail gap, especially due to the abrasion between the rail and the fish plate caused by the tight force, will cause or aggravate fishplate and rail rolling, each other between lead to surface deformation, the deformation of the accumulation of fish plate surface crack initiation provides a great opportunity.

Season is also an important factor in the failure of the tailboard. From the field use of the situation, the winter fish tail plate damage significantly increased than other seasons. Through the fishplate ductile-brittle temperature measurement can be seen, the domestic B7 fishplate material widely applied in 60 ℃ to room temperature within the scope of its impact value has been determined under the platform, so you can think of material temperature, cold short is not the main cause of winter fishplate large fracture. Further analysis that winter fish plate fracture may be associated with the change of the rail gap in winter, the winter rail gap increase will increase fishplate especially the third and fourth bolt hole in the middle of tensile stress, the additional stress will cause an increase in the number of fish plate failure. However, the size of the additional stress, the influencing factors and the degree of threat to the life of the fishtail plate cannot be further concluded because there is no systematic data.

In addition, it is worth mentioning some special purposes or for special parts of the fish plate, such as alien fishplate, bifurcation toe fishplate or used in the tunnel fishplate, due to the stress state is more complex, the maintenance is more difficult, also tend to be the role of some corrosive air, so the failure rate is often higher than the normal fishplate, but also to the damage line is bigger, should cause enough attention