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Railway bullet point fastener factory
Jan 24, 2018

Play a

The role and importance of bullet points in railway tracks.

Railway rail is the part that supports the locomotive and locomotive direction, and the rail is fixed on the sleeper of the ballast by elastic fastener.

Elastic fasteners withhold article is mainly to play, it is calculated by the bending and twist deformation, buckle pressure effect on the orbit, effectively guarantee the reliable connection between rail for a long time, as far as possible to keep the integrity of the orbit and stop the rail lateral movement relative to the sleeper, ensure the normal track, to ensure the safety of the rail vehicle.

Also because of the train wheel and rail contact is a rigid contact, thus inevitably produces vibration, and play a special elastic structure makes it also has the absorption of impact energy produced when a vehicle goes by, to achieve the effect of shock absorption.

Play is working under alternating stress repeatedly, it under a variety of action such as bending, torsion and fatigue and corrosion, when vehicles through, even under high transient impact load, so to play a strict performance requirements.

With the increase of rolling stock axle load of railway transportation and the improvement of train speed, and the development of urban rail transit, the subway, playing as a key link in track structure of article also in unceasing development, its importance is becoming more and more concern for all countries.

China is a country with a large scale, and the climate, transportation conditions and regional differences are very large. It requires various kinds of elastic bars of different performance requirements to meet the requirements of different rail types.

If on the conventional line, need to buckle the pressure big, elastic good bullet, meet the need of heavy load, high-speed line;

In seamless line viaduct rail, to reduce rail and bridge interaction, for fastener resistance is small, and maintain enough flexibility, or maintain a low enough stiffness, to ensure the train through the buckle caused by rail pad under compression pressure loss is small, not loose fasteners.

Article is playing is a small works, but it is an important part in orbit, because of its high demand, about 7000 pieces per kilometer, its reliability is directly related to driving safety.

Ii. The types of elastic bars used by countries around the world.

Depending on the national conditions and usage habits, different countries have developed various bullet bars to accommodate the development of railway transportation.

Typical among them has: the British have to roll pan (PANDROL) article series elastic fasteners, is famous in the world today, has a great influence of fasteners, its withhold with PR series play, E series play, the scope of its use in the United States, Canada, India, etc. More than seventy countries and regions.

The German railway is heavily used with the famous HM type fasteners, and the couplers are SKL series, and the online road has achieved good results, which is also widely used in other countries and regions.

The Dutch D.E type fastener and the Swiss FIST fastener are used as the buckle and the usage is good.

Japan and France are countries that use shrapnel as a fastener, with the famous French naboo fastener, and the famous 102-type fasteners in the new dry passage of Japan's donghai road.

3. The shrapnel and elastic bar fastener used in China.

Shrapnel when withhold job mainly USES the bending deformation of material performance, processing is relatively simple, the cost also tend to be low, but due to the hole for the bolt fastening, prone to stress concentration at the surface bending moment both big is weakened to think big.

The arched shrapnel fastener, which was developed in the early stage of our country, is found to be easily broken in the use of bolts. The vibration produced during the passage of the train makes the shrapnel loose, and even some nuts are pulled out of the bolt.

Another gauge baffle under vibration is easy to climb to the top of the bottom of the rail, contribute to a widening gauge, because this kind of situation, the current in line Ⅰ DT, DT Ⅱ fasteners with shrapnel as withhold, other is no longer with shrapnel type fasteners on the track.

Play withhold job in article USES the bending deformation of material properties, and USES the torsional deformation of material properties (especially the circular cross section), and generally good elasticity and basically no section weakened at the same time, so the material utilization rate is higher, on the routine, generally want to withhold pressure big, good elasticity, this article elastic fasteners has obvious superiority.

At present our country on the rail and other rail transit withhold a article mostly use spring type, the form of our country play a withhold a basically has: a bolt installation omega article structure in the form of a play, such as the proper use of Ⅰ, Ⅱ play, shilong little resistance to play bridge, WJ - type 2 play, etc.;

No bolt installation pande roll type, such as play, DT Ⅵ Ⅲ fasteners with play, guangzhou metro with PR type, etc.;

There are other structural forms of bullet bars, double toe sticks, intermediate bullet bars.

Iv. Production and supply model of bullet bars.

Kunshan alex railway accessories co., LTD.

1. Tf-y cartridge fastener.

Type 2, Ⅰ elastic fasteners

3, Ⅱ type (WJ - 3) elastic fasteners

4. Wj-2 cartridge fastener.

5, Ⅲ type (WJ - 4) elastic fasteners

6. Wj-5 cartridge fastener.

Article 7, Ⅳ play the fasteners

Article 8, Ⅴ elastic fasteners

9. Wj-7 cartridge fastener.

10. Wj-7a cartridge fastener.

11. Wj-7b cartridge fastener.

12. Wj-8 cartridge fastener.

13. Wj-8a cartridge fastener.

14. Wj-8b cartridge fastener.

15. Wj-8c cartridge fastener.

Article 16, D type Ⅰ play the fasteners

Article 17, DT Ⅲ - type 2 play the fasteners

Article 18, DT Ⅳ - type 1 play the fasteners

Article 19, the DT Ⅵ - type 1 play the fasteners

Article 20, DT Ⅵ - type 2 play the fasteners

21. Vossloh, Germany.

22. SKL type cartridge fasteners (SKL1, SKL2, SKL3, SKL12, SKL14, SKL15, SKLB15)

23. DFF14 cartridge fastener.

24. 300 type bullet fastener (w300-1a, w-300-lu)

25. DFF300 cartridge fastener.

26. Type 336 cartridge fastener.

27. British bullet fastener system.

28. PR series elastic bars (PR85, PR309, PR401, PR601, PR601A)

Type E (E1609, E1806, E1809, E1813, E1817, E1817, E2001, E2003, E2006, E2007, E2031, E2055, E2055, E2055, E2056, E2063)

30. Fast bullet fastener.

31. SFC cartridge fastener.

Article 32,, fist play, omega shape play and w-shaped, type A, type B play, type D play, W1 type play article, W2 article, X2 play, X3 plays, vertical elastic, GL play, Russia play, special-shaped play, play small resistance, etc

V. production quality assurance of bullet bars.

Kunshan alex's bullet point production adheres to the quality first management policy, and attaches great importance to quality control and management.

Our projectiles are completely controlled by the iso9001-2008 quality system, and we have obtained the railway product license from the ministry of railways of China.

We have professional testing equipment to ensure the quality of all our products and meet the requirements of customers.

Kunshan alex railway accessories co., LTD. Is an ISO 9001/2008 certified company.

All the process according to the requirements of ISO quality management system, from the supplier quality control to the finished product, we are all in accordance with the standard procedure operation, the suppliers we have strict quality control system:

1. For inspection and testing of raw materials, we require suppliers to provide inspection indicators such as batch number, chemical composition and mechanical properties.

2. Our quality control inspector shall take sample sampling and batch test in the process of testing and provide the raw material material certificate and other means for control.

3. According to the different requirements of the product, we have made corresponding physical and chemical tests and tests.

If the result does not meet our requirements, we will refuse to accept it, only the material can be accepted by our standard.

4. We often organize the quality control coordination meeting and provide technical technical support and guidance for the production of semi-finished products and the manufacturers.

Ensure that qualified products are delivered to our customers before delivery.

Vi. Brief introduction to the production factory of the bullet.

As China's railway equipment, railway accessories industry good manufacturing enterprise, kunshan alex railway accessories co., LTD., also produce and supply rail fastener system, thread spike, spike, the rail bolt, segment bolt, anchor bolt, fish bolt, nut nut, washer, gasket, article, gusset plate, shrapnel, fish plate, iron plate, anti-creeper, embedded iron, insulated gauge block, embedded bushing, rubber plate, plastic plate, steel rail, rail, steel pillow, train brake shoe and all kinds of non-standard hardware.

We will try to get China high-speed rail out!!!

Let the whole world enjoy the comfort, convenience and quality service brought by China railway.