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Railway accessories have been booming for years
Jan 19, 2018

Railway parts are part of the railway line, which includes many components.

As a whole engineering structure, the track is laid on the roadbed, and it plays the guiding role of the train operation, which directly bears the great pressure of the locomotive vehicle and its load.

Under the dynamic function of the train operation, the component part of it must have sufficient strength and stability, and ensure the train in accordance with the relevant provisions of the highest speed, safe, smooth and continuous operation.

In addition to the newly added vehicle demand, a large number of vehicles need to be upgraded.

Railway accessories for several years, rapid development in the backdrop of the railway accessories speed and overloading, in order to achieve the hundreds of kilometers per hour or dozens of tons of overloading goal, must equipment can meet the needs of high-speed overload, safe and reliable and high quality rail accessories, it will directly to speed up the demand for high technical content of vehicle accessories, is a new generation of products and technologies will have very big development space.

Since eight years ago launched the railway leap-forward development, China railway construction investment appeared substantial growth, seven years before the railway infrastructure investment and used for the purchase of rolling stock than a double growth five years ago, and six years earlier, the annual national railway both of investment in fixed assets reached more than thousand one hundred million yuan.

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