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Railroad Track Spikes / Railway Dog Spike
Feb 28, 2018

Basic Info


Product Description

  • Model NO.: Dog Spike

  • Type: Sleeper

  • Standard: Uic, DIN, JIS, Arema, Iscr, GB

  • Trademark: OEM  ODM

  • Specification: Dog Track Spike

  • HS Code: 860800

  • Certification: ISO9001

  • Material: Q235, 35#, T45#

  • Surface: Plain (Oiled), Oxide Black, Zinc, HDG, Wax, Bitum

  • Transport Package: as Request

  • Origin: China

Railway Dog Spike / Railroad Track Spikes

Grade4.65 .68.8
MechanicalTensile strength: ≥ 400MpaTensile strength: ≥ 500MpaTensile strength:
≥ 800Mpa
Yield strength: ≥ 240MpaYield strength: ≥ 300MpaYield strength: ≥ 640Mpa
Elongation: ≥ 22%Elongation: ≥ 20%Elongation: ≥ 12%
Cold bending: 90 degree
without crack
Surfaceplain (oiled) , Oxide black, Zinc, HDG, wax, bitumen, Dacromet, Sherardizing
Standard refersISO898-1, UIC864-1, and NF F500-50

Note (4.8 as a sample)
the first 4: tensile strength of material Q235 is 400MPa;
the second 0.8: the yield ratio is 0.8;
the yield strength of material Q235 is 400MPa x 0.8 =320 MPa.
Packing: 25Kg plastic bags and wooden pallets or according to clients' requirement
Raw material
Head forming
Heat treatment
Surface treatment
Final inspection
Surface Treatment
Other Surface treatment
plain (oiled)
color paint
oxide Black

1. We produce the rail sleeper screw spikes for the USA with the standard ASTMA66-87, cold bending 90 degree without cracks. Standard strength 65000PSI or high strength 100000psi is available.
Diameter: 3/4", 7/8", 15/16"
Length: 5-1/2", 6", 7", 8", 10"
Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8
Material: Q235, 35#, 45#
Surface Treatment: Plain (oiled), Black painting, Zinc, HDG
2. Rail sleeper screw spikes with big disk are mostly used in South America and Africa
A taper of 1mm in the core and thread diameters towards to the point of the screw over the portion shown parallel is allowed, provided the tolerance on the diameter at the upper end is not exceeded. The material for the rail sleeper screw is complying with British standard N 15-1961.
Diameter: 22mm, 23mm
Length: 115mm, 133mm, 178mm
Grade: 4.6, 5.6
Material: Q235, 35#
3. Sleeper screw 3V meets with NF F50-006, Grade 4.6 and 5.6. The mechanical properties are in accordance with NF F 50006, tension strength 700MPA (min), elongation 12% (min), and cold bending 30 degree without crack.
Grade: 4.6, 5.6
Material: Q235, 35#
Surface Treatment: Plain (oiled), Black painting, Zinc, HDG
MOQ: 5000PCS

TypeDimension(mm)Weight (Kg)

4. Screw spike for wooden sleeper (high tension screw spike)
Size: 15/16×6-1/2
Surface Treatment: Plain (waxed), Black painting
MOQ: 5000PCS
Packing: 38PCS in 50LB plastic keg

Tensile StrengthYield StrengthElongationReduction of AreaHardness

Full size carbon steel screw spikes shall stand being bent cold 45degree around a pin three times, the spike's diameter without crack on the outside of the bent portion.
Material: 45#, heat treatment
5. Coach screw is used for the mining industry in South Africa
Diameter: 18mm
Length: 65mm and 75mm
Material: Q195 and Q235
Surface Treatment: Zinc
Grade: 4.6
6. DHS35 rail sleeper screw spike, supports the use of the SKL14 rail fastening system
Diameter: 24mm
Length: 158mm and 161mm
Grade: 4.6, 5.6, 8.8
Material: Q235, 35#, 45#
Surface Treatment: Plain (oiled), Black painting, Zinc, HDG

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